Dynamic Retail overview

Perfect for Retailers

Dynamic Retail 2017 is the perfect extension for your Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP solution; providing user-friendly and powerful functionalities for both the front desk and the back office in the retail industry.


Easy & Intuitive
Make your daily work easier. Get full control over your business and every single point of sale. The elegant and mature architecture of Dynamic Retail 2017, coupled with the intuitive user interface facilitates daily efficiencies while minimizing the training time for new employees.

Powerful & Flexible

Dynamic Retail is proven in a wide range of environments. It can be adapted to satisfy the intricate requirements of all kinds of retail segments.
Dynamic Retail 2017 encompasses the ease, functionality and simplicity that delight retailers.

Secure & Efficient

Dynamic Retail 2017 delivers security, reliability, flexibility and efficiency to the shop floor. The role based security system allows full control over the user activities. All communication is encrypted with AES-256 Rijndael encryption algorithm. All data is heavily compressed, to minimize the communication costs.


Key Functionalites

Multiple Tills
Manage several tills in several stores.
Unlimited barcoding functionality. Including barcode masks, encoding barcodes and more.
Full inventory control across all stores.
Fully featured Voucher management.
POS User Interface
Completely adjustable and designable POS user interface.
Multi Tender-Multi Currency
Multiple tenders and currencies within one transaction.
Automatic replication between all stores and the head office.
256 Bit Rijndael (AES) encryption and high compression for all data.
Fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Quotes and Orders
In-Store quote and order management.
Extended functionality for many different types of promotions including happy hour pricing.
Compatible with most hardware
Provides support for different POS peripherals such as printers, scanners, scales and so on.
Full support for item tracking with serial numbers, lot numbers and best before dates.
Role based security system with different identification mechanisms.
Fully compatible with on premise and hosted ERP setup.